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HS3 Status Graphic and Status Name

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  • HS3 Status Graphic and Status Name

    I'm using HS3 with the GC-100-06 on the Ethernet Port, the contact closure adapter cables, and the UltraJones plugin, I just installed the latest version of the plugin a couple hours ago.

    Everything works fine. I just want to change the status graphic to something not so cryptic looking, and change the status names from Active/Inactive to open/close (since I'm using contact closures).

    I make the appropriate changes in HS3 and it works fine, I see the new status names and graphic that I selected and it seems to work fine until I restart HS3. When HS3 restarts, it seems that the plugin resets everything back to the defaults, including the graphic.

    Is there a way to make the changes to the graphic and the status names permanent?