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Multiple devices on a single GC100 IR out port

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    Multiple devices on a single GC100 IR out port

    I am using HS3. Got a GC100 last week and I am trying out the UltraGCIR HSPI. Got this to work with one IR emitter for each of the first 3 IR out ports controlling 3 of my home theater devices. There is a 1-to-1 relationship of each of the GC100 IR out ports and the device setup in the plugin, each with a particular set of IR codes. I have a few questions.

    1. Would it be possible to plug in dual IR emitters into 1 particular IR port on the GC100? If this works from a hardware point of view, is it possible to program 2 (or more) devices per port (4:1 for example) in UltraGCIR? I couldn't see haw this is done. Or do I need to work around it, and rename the functions so that there are 2 sets of IR codes in 1 device of the plugin but for 2 physical devices?

    2. My Denon receiver has an IR input (3.5 mm jack) in the back of the unit. So theoretically, the GC100 IR output could be directly connected to the Denon rather than using an IR emitter stuck on the front. Is this possible? Anyone got this to work? IR coding and cables may be different.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Rene,

    Yes, you can have multiple devices on one port. I have all of mine assigned to one port and use a different distribution system to get the signals to the various devices. I name the various "buttons" starting with the device it's for (BD-xxxx, CABLE-xxxxx, etc.).

    Re. your second question, you'd have to confirm the pinout and voltage levels to see how they compare. It may work directly, but you may need some type of converter. If you're not sure if they are compatible, I would not try and connect them as you could damage one or both sides.

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      Here is how I do it. Not really using the BCL4 or Harmony any more. The IT bus runs between several rooms

      The Roomie Remote (now Simple Control) works great along with the Globle Cache IP2IR and the HS3 UltraGCIR3 plugin. I can send commands from either HS3 or Simple Control (or anything on the bus, like the IR receiver or the Russound keypads).
      If the device IR codes are different, you can put everything on the same bus. I have 3 Samsung TVs, so I use a separate bus for each one.

      The Global Cache runs on 5.5 volt and Xantech 12 volts, so need a converter to GC from GC to Xantech
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        You can assign unlimited IR codes and share one port...but just make sure you have different vendors so your not controlling both devices when you only want one. In case at home, the same port blasts to an sharp and samsung tv. My other samsung tvs need a different port.

        I've also done a splitter for the same make at work as we have 2 tvs in our system in our support center that get shut off/turned off together.

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          Thanks, but I don't see any place where I can input the vendor. For example, see the image attached. For the GC-100 Port 4.1, I have currently all the IR codes for my Denon receiver. If I want to use an IR blaster to both my Denon receiver and my Pioneer TV, I need to import the IR codes for my Pioneer TV in the same list and in addition of the Denon receiver IR codes. The only way of doing this would be to embed the different device and/or vendor names in each button name (and thus renaming all or most button names). For example, for "Power On", I would need one IR code named "Denon Power On" and another "Pioneer Power On" in the same list. And of course, the naming of the devices (in "IR Device" on the top of the screen) becomes somewhat less useful since the same port is used for more than 1 device.
          Is there an easier way of doing this? it seems to me that there is a entry level missing that would allow different lists (one for each device) of IR codes attached to one IR port.
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            If you have multiple TVs of the same make and model, multiple set top boxes, then it becomes a challenge trying to control them separately.

            In my system, I have 2 TVs (different brands), 1 set top box, 1 DVD, 1 AM/FM Tuner, 1 Apple TV.

            I am able to feed all of these devices from one IR port on the GC-100. I use Xantech connecting blocks and IR emitters to distribute the IR to each device. GC makes an adapter to connect the GC-100 to the Xantech hardware.

            Let's say you have the same TV, DVD, receiver and set top box in 4 different rooms. You would have to set up IR distribution to each room from a different IR port on the GC-100. You would have to point the same group of IR codes to each of the IR ports. Or course any other devices that are 1 off can be feed from one of the ports.