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Consecutive button presses fail

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    Consecutive button presses fail

    I'm trying out this plugin, but have a problem which I think is not a plugin problem but an IR learning problem on an iTach TCP/IP to IR.

    I am using iLearn to learn from an AIM RC118 Media Centre IR Remote. I can learn the codes fine and the learnt codes work as they should using HSTOUCH and this plugin, in that they control the correct function.

    My problem is that whilst the first request works fine, a second and subsequent send of the same IR command fails. But if another, different IR is sent this will work fine.

    For example I have learnt the UP and DOWN codes to scroll up and down. If I send a single UP code this works fine but a second or further UP code has no effect.

    But if I send an UP code first which works fine followed by, for example, a MUTE code which also works fine then a subsequent UP code after this will then also work fine.

    It seems that all the codes work fine as long as they are different to the previous sent code.

    Can't figure this out - has anyone any ideas?