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AVR Devices checked after reboot

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    AVR Devices checked after reboot

    Hi Ultra,

    I posted this issue a while ago (November 22nd, 2017) but I couldn't find the thread anymore under UtlraPioneer.
    The only way I could find it was through looking up all my post. So I hope you don't mind posting this again.

    My pioneer doesn't support that many functions so I turn them off in the AVR Devices screen (uncheck and save).

    However when I reboot my HomeServer Linux server all the check marks are back on again.

    My homeseer instance runs under root and has acces to all files and folders.

    Do you know a way so I can fix this?
    Originally posted by Ultrajones View Post
    This must be a Linux issue (issue saving settings to disk). I'll have to load up the plug-in on my HomeTrollerZ in order to troubleshoot. I'll put this on my todo list.