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looking for Pioneer amp.

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    Originally posted by Rotech View Post
    Are you currently doing this yourself?
    It would result in a very low WAF if I interrupted anything being played back. However, if I wanted to do multizone tts and the PAVR wasn't currently playing from any source, it could fire up the PAVR, select the proper input, save current volume, set the volume, play the TTS, wait, then restore the volume and turn it off.

    I tested these types of things, which is why I know it would result in low WAF. The NEtv was the next best option, but even then, it's iffy. I would rather use a kindle fire with a pop-up screen and option audio amps with speakers in rooms I'd want the TTS to activate.

    Right now, I use the PAVR to set the sound levels for center and surround channels (+x.x dB) as it greatly increases WAF. I liked the surround being more precise and what the sound editors intended, but that means the surround speakers often sound like they aren't doing much (until you crank them up).

    I use HSTouch integration to select various inputs and control playback. Many things became simpler with UJs PAVR plugin.

    Automating made easy


      Ok, but what do you currently use for TTS?
      Win.2003 OS, HS3
      BLups,BLrain8,HSTouch,Ultrajones Weatherbug,
      AP800,Honeywell Stat