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HS3/Pioneer Connection Problems

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  • HS3/Pioneer Connection Problems

    Dear Ultrajones,

    I am moving from HS2 to HS3. I have had problems in HS3 getting the plug in to connect to my Pioneer LX55 and SC86. The symptoms as follows:
    • Loaded up the plug in and it detected both receivers automatically.
    • Both receivers were disconnected, so the options to set up devices were all greyed out.
    • They would not connect from the root device reconnect option.
    • I re-booted both receivers to get them to re-establish their connections. No effect.
    • I gave up for a few days.
    • I returned to find that LX55 had connected and so I was able to set up the devices I wanted. It has been working fine since (about 4 days).
    • SC86 still will not connect, so I can't configure it. I have tried resetting the network in the receiver, no effect and i have repeatedly selected the disconnect and reconnect option.
    • I went back to HS2 to find that it was also not connecting to my SC86, so I guess it is a problem with settings on the SC86. Network standby is on. IP is on DHCP and Port 4 is set to 00023.

    Do you have any advice to get the SC86 to connect to the plug in?


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    Connection - resolved

    Dear Ultrajones,

    My second receiver came on line about 2 weeks later. I'm not sure precisely what I did, but I guess it was a full power off / on cycle at the right time for the plug-in to connect with it. It has remained online for a few days now. I would suggest that you include some tips in the plug-in instructions on how to troubleshoot a connection problem.




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      For reasons unknown, the newer Pioneer receivers have their MAC address set to all zeros in their discovery packet. I believe unplugging the receiver and plugging it back in will resolve the issue. I'll post something in the User's Guide.

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