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    New Compatible Recever

    My current VSX-1020 has died. I purchased it back in 2009 but missed the fact it was not compatible with Ultra's plug-in.

    This time around I want to ensure I get a compatible model. What model Pionner reciever does anyone recommend that is comparable with the 1020? I currently have. 5.1 speaker setup and used zone two for patio speakers. Stil would like to have one with mutiple zones but also have HS control. Looking for something economical and do not need high end features.

    This may be a good option for you if you can find it in stores: If not, the 1130 should work for you and I expect it will go on sale in about 24 days

    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


      Update. I have returned the new VSX-1130 I purchased. It cannot play analog or SPDIF sources to its second zone like my old VSX-1020 did. That was a deal breaker for my setup as Wife likes to listen to the Sono system in the second zone connected to outside patio speakers. Sonos Connect only has SPDIF or analog RCA jack outputs. VSX-1130 will not play non-HDMI sources to its second zone. Very frustrating figuring all of this out.

      I dug around online and found a few SPDIF > HDMI convertor boxes that may have made it work but further review showed they did not output audio to the HDMI with out a video input as well.

      Back to square one. I have been downloading Pioneer manuals and reading up on second zone capabilities and what sources it supports. I think I have two possible candidates. A 2013 VSX-1123 or a SC-1223.

      Does anybody else use Sonos and Zone 2 on a Pioneer receiver? Does the plug-in work with Zone 2 source selection?