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6 Receiver setup with a problem

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  • 6 Receiver setup with a problem

    Hi High Peak

    I have purchased your plugin, waiting a long time for some one to make this plugin, Thanks.

    I have 4 RX-S601D and 2 RX-A660 which is European model numbers but with the same Music Cast setup.

    I tried all the model templates in the plugin to get the best communication between the plugin and the receiver.
    All templates give me an returning error in the Log :
    It does not accept a 5 channel stereo setup.
    And some of the templates does not accept Bluetooth.

    Log Text :
    Unknown setting for Master Bedroom : Main Sound Program : 5 ch Stereo - ignoring
    The same for Bluetooth.

    Can you load a template in the plugin that can accept a receiver with this setup ?

    Or tell me how to work around it somehow ?

    An other thing. I would like to ad 2 more amplifiers for 2 smaller rooms.
    I would like to order the new small units WXA-50 also with musiccast.
    Will these be accepted by your plugin as well ?



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    Hi Stones. The models supported are the ones I could find the YNCA protocols for. If you have the protocol for your receivers I'll happily add them.

    In the interim can you enable debug logging and 'log to file' and then send the 5ch stereo command .
    Then post/mail the HSPI_YAMAHA.LOG file to me.

    Gavin at

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      Hi Gavin

      I will be right on it tomorrow.

      Thanks for your fast reply