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Yamaha plugin with Alexa voice

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    Yamaha plugin with Alexa voice

    I was wondering if there is a list of commands that work with the plugin and Alexa. I can turn on the Amp with alexa "Alexa, tell HS3 to set yamaha main power to on/standby" but I can't seem to adjust the volume. I did accidentally say once "... set main volume to off" and it turn the volume WAY up, which was quite surprising, lol.

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

    That's a tricky one. Alex integration with HS3 is pretty limited to lighting style devices and on/off devices. For example "volume off" would have set the volume to 0db on your receiver, which is loud!

    It would be tricky to get Alexa to understand "set volume to minus thirty two point five"

    One option would be to set up some virtual devices, say "volume low", "volume comfy" and "volume call-the-police" and then ask Alexa to set these devices, which in turn trigger and event.
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