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  • Error: Critical Plugin has disconnected

    I am trying to get this plugin working for a client and am having the same issue as others have experienced with the "Critical: . However, I am running into the problem that I cannot copy the file that you provided because the existing file is protected and I am not sure how to unprotect it so I can copy your file into that folder. Any help you could render would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    It is an HometrollerSEL running HS3 Standard (Linux)

    The Yamaha Receiver is a RXV-679

    If you need any additional info please let me know. Thanks!

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    Hi Aletsj, I'm having issues with the SEL machines - In fact, the updater should not even display this plugin for HomeTroller machines, because I didn't want to cause more of the issues you're having until I can resolve the Linux problem.

    I need to completely re-write the plugin to solve this issue it seems, and that is taking a bit longer than expected.

    I'll take it up with HST as to why this plugin was displayed in your updater. My apologies for the inconvenience caused. I'll post an update here when the re-write is complete.
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      Good to know, I appreciate your reply. I hope you resolve the issue at some point soon, my client would love to incorporate your plugin into his audio solution. Thank you for your time.


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        I'm volunteering to be a beta tester for the Linux version... I would love to be able to control my Yamaha receiver and would certainly pay for a working plugin. In the 30 day trial now from the HS downloader, and getting the SQLlite and other errors that have been mentioned in this board..


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          I seem to have connectivity from Linux as I see within the debug logs information about what is currently playing on my receiver. However, none of the control buttons work even though the log messages say the commands are being sent.
          I have RX-V675, which is specifically listed as a supported receiver and I have selected it properly. Am I still running into Linux related issues?