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  • Won't stay connected

    Having an issue just recently where the plugin doesn't stay connected to the device. It has happened the past week, maybe 2; I log in to HS3 and reconnect it, it may work once or twice and then stops again. It was working reliably prior, maybe 2 months since I registered. Nothing has changed on my network, at least that I am aware of but I would be the one making any changes. The computer running HS3 and the Receiver are both wired to the network, so wireless doesn't play a roll in this. It's frustrating as I was really enjoying using the plugin in my scripts. Any advice or help you might be able to offer would be most appreciated!

    Seeing this in the logs:

    Mar-17 9:47:05 AM Yamaha Warning Amplifier returned @RESTRICTED result - is the amplifier switched on?

    Mar-17 10:43:52 AM Yamaha Error Unable to send keepalive as we've lost connectivity to the receiver

    Current Date/Time: 3/14/2018 8:03:28 PM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Standard Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    System Uptime: 0 Days 22 Hours 48 Minutes 27 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 333
    Number of Events: 31
    Available Threads: 200

    Enabled Plug-Ins BLRing JowiHue MediaController
    1.1.17344.311: MyQ
    3.3.6389.22764: Yamaha Z-Wave
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    So it would seem that if I initiate a disable plugin then wait 3 seconds and then re-enable plugin, and wait another 3 seconds, it will work with any commands issued after that. I am not sure why I have to go through this process but it's the only thing that seems to make it work most reliably.
    I can't be sure what might be the cause of this, but at this point I'm glad I found something that works it's just a little slow when I issue commands.


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      Mines disconnecting also

      Did you figure out a work around?
      I thought about writing an event like:
      If; Yamaha = Disconnected
      Then; Disable yamaha plugin - Re enable Plugin

      But can't figure out how to get a plugin to disable or re enable