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Yamaha Error - Initialising amplifiers: SQLite.Interop.dll

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  • Yamaha Error - Initialising amplifiers: SQLite.Interop.dll

    I just purchased this plugin and I'm not able to make it work.

    I'm getting the following error when I try to use the plugin on my "HS3 Standard (SEL) Edition". I've read through some forums and have even manually replaced the file "" as suggested in one of the posts.

    Does anyone have this working and could possibly provide the right set of files to use? Please see the attached set of libraries I'm using. With the exception of, the rest of the files were created through the standard installer:

    Mar-03 2:10:38 PM Info Plugin Yamaha with instance: has disconnected
    Mar-03 2:10:38 PM Yamaha Error Error Initialising amplifiers: SQLite.Interop.dll


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    Is there a copy of that file in HomeSeer’s root directory? If so, delete it there.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and there is only 1 copy of that file in the file system.


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        I was able to resolve my issue with the plugin starting up by replacing my version with the 32 bit version in the <homeser>/bin/HSPI_YAMAHA directory according to this post:

        I couldn't find my amplifier model. I have an RX-A3070 and the closes thing was an RX-A3060. I'm having a different problem now where I can see status from all the devices, i.e. power, volume, etc, but I cannot control anything, i.e. changing inputs or volume, or anything. I will post the new issue a in new thread.