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  • "CRITICAL: Plugin has disconnected

    I am using the trial version of HS3 and am trying to work with the Yamaha plugin, but on the plug in status I keep getting: "CRITICAL: Plugin has disconnected." Then it says "INFO: Plugin start is pending". Then it loops back to the "CRITICAL: Plugin has disconnected". When I first installed the plugin, it seemed to work fine for a while, but after restarting the server it started acting up.

    I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase the software and plugins as well as determine if this will work for two of my neighbors systems. Having it connect and stay connected to my amplifiers is important and will ultimately determine my decision.

    I have the HS3 software running on a laptop with windows 10. The laptop has a core I7 chipset and 16gb ram. It has been set up not to "sleep" or turn off.

    I have tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it, but it did not make a difference. I am hoping you can help.