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Blue iris not sending motion alerts

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    Originally posted by Dweber85rc View Post
    Is this still an issue? I am demoing the plugin with BI and can't get it to work either?
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      Well that is really unfortunate. The dev of this PI just lost a sale.


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        I'm not sure he's supporting any longer... no responses across multiple threads.


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          Originally posted by jmedemar View Post

          Have you configured the alert URL in Blue Iris as shown in the help file for the plugin?
          Camera Alerts

          To configure Blue Iris for camera alerts, open the applpication settings in Blue Irris and select the Alerts tab. Enable "Request from a web service" and click the "Configure" button as shown below.

          • In the "When triggered" section set the protocol to http:// and enter the following for the text:
            • <homeseer IP>/JSON?request=pluginfunction&function=Alert&plugin=Blue-Iris&P1=&CAM&P2=&TYPE
          • Replace <homseer IP> with the IP address or FQDN of your homeseer server (do not include the <> brackets>. The rest of the text should be exactly as shown, and is case sensitive.
          • If your homeseer server is running on a port other than port 80, inlcude the port number (e.g.
          • If your Homeseer server requires authentication from internal networks then you can supply user credentials, but note they will be passed in plain text to the server.
            • Use the format <user>:<pass>@<homeseer IP>/JSON?request=pluginfunction&function=Alert&plugin=Blue-Iris&P1=&CAM&P2=&TYPE
          • Replace the identifiers in the angled brackets <> with your HomeSeer username, password and address of your HomeSeer server.
          • Here's an example.

          Blue Iris will now notify the plugin when an alert occurs. The alert types are MOTION, AUDIO, EXTERNAL and WATCHDOG.

          If you click the "TEST" button you should see an entry in you HomeSeer log showing if the test was successful (assuming the log level is set to Info or higher)

          You can now create a HomeSeer event based on these alerts for each camera you have configured. See Events & Alerts

          Note: If the above "Wait at least" "timer" is set too low (less than the 1min default) and you have a lot of alerts this will impose a significant load on Homeseer and will affect overall performance. Trigger Reset

          In order to notify HomeSeer when the alert trigger is reset (usually the "Break Time" value for the camera Trigger) you canenter a similar URL in the "Request again when trigger is reset" field.

          The URL you enter will be identical to the "When triggerd" URL with one exception.
            • <homeseer IP>/JSON?request=pluginfunction&function=Reset&plugin=Blue-Iris&P1=&CAM&P2=&TYPE
          or (if HS3 required credentials)
            • <user>:<pass>@<homeseer IP>/JSON?request=pluginfunction&function=Reset&plugin=Blue-Iris&P1=&CAM&P2=&TYPE

          Copyright © 2017 by Highpeak (Pty) Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
          I just wanted to add that this post allowed me to set a trigger for one camera in blueiris v4 to trigger HS event

          HS3 IP/JSON?request=pluginfunction&function=Alert&plugin=Blue-Iris&P1=&CAM&P2=&TYPE

          under the camera properties/Alerts
          check box POST TO A WEB ADDRESS or MQTT SERVER
          CONFIGURE (Button)