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  • Popping Noise

    New to Blue Iris, what in the world is that Popping Noise?

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    It's a setting for each user. Each user account has this setting. Blue Iris Options > Users > Edit each user to disable the login/logout sounds. That one drove me crazy for a while as well.
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      It seems as though Homeseer is logging in and out all the time? That normal?
      This says event subscription, and it is the computer hosting Blue Iris. What is this?
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        OMG, Thanks so much for this post!!

        I posted last February with the problem of the popping noise. Never found a solution. It is annoying when I want to listen to iTunes. I had no clue it could be related to BI4. I was thinking it had to be HSTouch and the speaker client. Just reviewed my BI4 users and they had the notification turned on. Listened to the wav file and it was the same popping noise. Turned it off and am now listening and enjoying it much more.

        Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

        My orig post:


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          yea, I don't think I could handle that noise for almost a year.