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    Hello Highpeak,
    Seems like there would be a few Blue Iris metrics that would be incredibly helpful to have in HomeSeer. Would it be possible to add the following virtual devices to be created and updated by plugin? I see that this info is available in the mobile clients, might it be possible for your plugin to obtain this information as well?

    Blue Iris Process CPU%
    Blue Iris Process Memory
    Blue Iris Process Uptime (seconds)
    Store, New and Alerts directory free space (GB)

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    Also noticed that when the password for Blue Iris changed the root device says it's connected when it's not. Even tried testing the connection in the PI setup and it says "Connection succeeded". All events stopped working but the PI still thought it was connected. Would be very handy to have the root device show disconnected if it doesn't receive an alert from BI or if the PI can't talk to BI.


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      I get that you might be interested in these sorts of metrics. Many times I've imagined adding some metric to my HSTouch app. However, I often ask myself, 'is this metric actionable?'. Many times I have to answer that is isn't actionable but rather just interesting.

      So... other than simple reporting for information's sake, what important actions would you take?


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        Here's my thoughs. A smart home is all about automation right? Wouldn’t you like to be notified when something isn’t working correctly, especially if it’s a critical system related to home security and safety? Shouldn't HS be at the center of the smart home network?

        If this was a proprietary DVR running Linux, I wouldn’t be too worried. But with over 20 years in IT, primarily on windows servers, I’ve seen what can happen to windows systems if they are left alone and not monitored.

        These would be used for a sanity check. Using an event, if any of the metrics are outside of a certain threshold or processes are not running, a notification could be sent or an icon changed on HSTouch letting me know something isn’t right.

        If it was taken to the next level, thresholds could be added to the PI and a single virtual device could be used and updated with string text stating what is wrong. This string could then be sent in a text, email or push notification.
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