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Feature Request - Repair/Regenerate Database

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  • Feature Request - Repair/Regenerate Database

    I have a feature request: add 'Repair/Regenerate Database' function to the plugin.

    I found that if pics or videos are deleted from the database folder using Windows File Explorer, BI is not aware of it so its clip count is not decreased. There is a function under general options to "Compact/repair DB each day at" and you specify the time. This is not the same as "Repair/Regenerate" which is found by right clicking on the clips tab then selecting Database on the pop up menu. Repair/Regenerate updates BI to be current with the database folder. If this is not done regularly, CPU usage will keep rising.

    It would be handy if the plugin could issue this command then a recurring event could be written to do this periodically.

    I wrote an autoit script that was intended to issue that command by simulating mouse clicks but discovered that BI disables mouse movement/clicks when not performed by an actual mouse. I use this method for many programs and have not encountered a program where it wouldn't work, until now. I discovered this after several hours of debugging.

    - Robert

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    I'm afraid BI does not expose this function via their API so I cannot implement it.
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      Too bad. Thanks anyway.

      - Robert