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HomeSeer Fails to Trigger Camera

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  • HomeSeer Fails to Trigger Camera

    I had to delete one of my Blue Iris camera clones because of the bitrate bug. It was being triggered just fine with a Z-Wave door/window sensor attached to a walk-in gate. The event would trigger the original clone, and Blue Iris would email out a snapshot via the alert tab.

    The new clone I built works fine when triggered via the Blue Iris 'Trigger Now' button, and an email snapshot gets emailed.

    But in the HomeSeer events, the Z-Wave sensor being opened fails to trigger the new clone, although the immediate next step in the event is to send a Pushover message, and that part works, so I know the sensor is working well.

    So I am guessing there's some issue with HomeSeer being able to cause this new clone to be triggered. HomeSeer recognizes the new camera as online, etc. It has a new camera name, and that name is listed as a device which can be controlled. I am attaching a screenshot of the Gate Open event.

    The log shows:

    Blue-Iris Debug Camera: PTZ_Clone2 [PTZ_Clone2] Status: Online
    Blue-Iris Error Trigger motion sensor on PTZ_Clone2 failed:
    Blue-Iris Triggering motion sensor on PTZ_Clone2
    Blue-Iris Debug SetIOMulti set value: 101- >ref:13
    Device Control Device: Blue-Iris System PTZ_Clone2 to Trigger (101)

    Any pointers appreciated.

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    Just to point out, the HomeSeer can leverage other Blue Iris features within events, such as changing the PTZ camera's presets.


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      Figured it out. I had removed the Administrator from the Blue Iris user which HomeSeer uses. Now the HS3 can trigger the camera just fine.


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        I know this goes back a few months but I can not get cameras to trigger in HS3. How exactly is this accomplished? I have a few cameras that I would like to run events with but can not figure out how. By removing the Admin Account as mentioned what account do you use? Do I create a HS3 account in BI then link that to HS3 BI Addon?



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          Sorry my wording was unclear. HS3 NEEDS an admin account from Blue Iris in order to work. Just create a new admin account in Blue Iris, and have HS3 use that admin account to access Blue Iris.

          Here's a view of the 'Gate Opened' event. A door sensor becomes opened, and HS3 then triggers a cloned camera, and sends out a text message. Within that cloned camera, a trigger event causes the camera to take a snapshot and email the image out to me. So I get both an email with the image and a text popup to my mobile device.

          Click image for larger version

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