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Profile changing is placing BI in Hold

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    Profile changing is placing BI in Hold

    beerygaz Recently I have started using profile swapping to tame CPU usage on the BI server but often when I look at the BI console I would find the profiles were on-Hold.

    If in profile 5 and use an event to select profile 1, it selects profile 1 and sets the Green Stopwatch. Setting the profile to 1 a second time puts the profile on hold. While this does duplicate the way BI behaves at the console, it often leaves me with a profile that is on Hold and no way for HS to test this condition.

    Is there a method to test if a profile has been put into the red Hold condition?

    I can see there is a workaround by using an extra line that would set the profile to inactive or different profile first, then set the desired profile. It would still be better if HS could detect the hold status.

    BI V4.8.6.3

    Thanks for your help.