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Is it possible to send a snapshot command to a camera ?

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    Is it possible to send a snapshot command to a camera ?

    I would like an event to trigger a snapshot of a camera in BI. I can manually trigger it in the BI interface by right clicking the camera image, then click snapshot
    I would also like to change the snapshot storage location to a different drive than where my video recording are saved. Video recording are saved on a NAS, the4 snapshot jpegs I wanted to be stored on the local C: drive

    I am on BI4

    Yes sure you can send a snapshot command to a camera but only after you login to the web interface.


      I really would have thought this would have been possible in either of the event actions "Blue Iris Camera Actions" or "Control a Device", but you're right, I see no snapshot option.

      I don't see an option in Blue Iris (I'm on v5) on the camera properties Record tab to specify a folder specifically for snapshots, except when specifying the "every mm:ss" snapshot option. Manual snapshots seem to respect the folder specified here.

      You could tick the "only when triggered" tickbox on the camera Record tab snapshot settings, then trigger the camera from HomeSeer? You'd get your snapshot then, but you'd also have a video clip. Not an ideal solution I know.

      Click image for larger version

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        Would this help?