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    Currently have four cameras, one Grandstream (Wired), One Ubiquiti Aircam (wired POE), and two Foscams (Wireless). The Grandstream is excellent. I can't get the AirCam to work with BI (need to start another thread about that). The two Foscams are okay, but I'm rapidly realizing why wireless cameras are NOT recommended. I made sure I had 5 bars of WiFi signal when I installed them, and they still disconnect on a regular basis.

    What seems to be the current go-to brand for cameras? Preferably POE, middle of the road quality, compatible with BI without having to jump through hoops.
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    My favorite brand is Amcrest. Their newer Sony sensors provide fantastic picture quality. This one isn't cheap, but it's been reliable and the images are excellent.
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      Both are turrets (recommended), have English upgradeable firmware and sold by a reputable seller.

      With audio:

      Without audio:

      I have a mix of both and really like them.


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        I have 5 Foscam wifi cameras that were continuously disconnecting. Turned out to be my router. I upgrade the router and now the Foscams have been working great for more than two years!


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          I'm a fan of the Dahua cameras. Great image quality and low light sensitivity for the price:

          (Those are Australian links but it shows model number and specs).

          I have one Amcrest wifi camera for indoor use in the nursery. The similarities in the config pages make me think Amcrest is just re-badging Dahua hardware and firmware in order to sell in western markets?

          Edit: Yes Dahua is a Chinese brand, hence why I keep them on a dedicated VLAN with no internet access.


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            I also like Amcrest. I have four IP8M2496EB's that have been very reliable.


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              +1 on amcrest, especially on sale. but I also LOVE Hikivision. great prices and work great.