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    Current Favorite?

    Currently have four cameras, one Grandstream (Wired), One Ubiquiti Aircam (wired POE), and two Foscams (Wireless). The Grandstream is excellent. I can't get the AirCam to work with BI (need to start another thread about that). The two Foscams are okay, but I'm rapidly realizing why wireless cameras are NOT recommended. I made sure I had 5 bars of WiFi signal when I installed them, and they still disconnect on a regular basis.

    What seems to be the current go-to brand for cameras? Preferably POE, middle of the road quality, compatible with BI without having to jump through hoops.
    My system is described in my profile.

    My favorite brand is Amcrest. Their newer Sony sensors provide fantastic picture quality. This one isn't cheap, but it's been reliable and the images are excellent.
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      Both are turrets (recommended), have English upgradeable firmware and sold by a reputable seller.

      With audio:

      Without audio:

      I have a mix of both and really like them.



        I have 5 Foscam wifi cameras that were continuously disconnecting. Turned out to be my router. I upgrade the router and now the Foscams have been working great for more than two years!


          I'm a fan of the Dahua cameras. Great image quality and low light sensitivity for the price:

          (Those are Australian links but it shows model number and specs).

          I have one Amcrest wifi camera for indoor use in the nursery. The similarities in the config pages make me think Amcrest is just re-badging Dahua hardware and firmware in order to sell in western markets?

          Edit: Yes Dahua is a Chinese brand, hence why I keep them on a dedicated VLAN with no internet access.


            I also like Amcrest. I have four IP8M2496EB's that have been very reliable.


              +1 on amcrest, especially on sale. but I also LOVE Hikivision. great prices and work great.