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Blue Iris and HS3

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    Blue Iris and HS3


    I'm fairly new with video cameras and I'm now trying to integrate my cameras with HS. At the moment I have two Hikvision video intercoms (DS-KD8003-IME1) and Hikvision dome camera DS-2CD55C5G0-IZHS is now on order. At first I used Hikvision's iVMS4200 software but didn't get motion detection to work properly so I moved to Blue Iris. I have managed to setup region motion detection in BI and this is working quite well. I have installed the HS BI plugin as a trial today. I have managed to setup BI so that it sends a html link to Homeseer but I haven't created any specific HS events yet. I don't want to record video streams constantly but I would like to capture pictures and videos streams created by motion alerts so I'm curious how to do this in HS. It would also be very helpful if somebody could post his asp page.

    I have also been looking at danielross's excellent setup for integrating QNAP Surveillance Station with HS. I think this wouldn't work with my video intercoms because you need an external program (e.g. BI) to create region motion detection for these video intercoms.

    I have now decided to get a Synology NAS instead of QNAP one. Main reason was that I should be able to setup the area motion alerts for my video doorbells with Synology's surveillance station software. If I understood correctly this is not possible with QNAP's software.


      I use Blue Iris to detect motion and then send motion alerts with stills and video to me via email. The same motion triggers events in HS via the BI Plugin.


        Hello Burrington -- Can you please provide any details on how to get Blue Iris to to get HS3 events to trigger via the Bi Plugin ?

        I tried to get it working, but my knowledge of Blue Iris is limited and can't seem to get it to work ---

        BTW, I have a separate thread about this issue, but have not received any response..



          There should be Blue-Iris Triggers in the pull-down list. Choosing them lets you set up a trigger such as this:

          Click image for larger version

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          If you don't see the Blue-Iris triggers in the pulldown list, you must not have BI set up correctly to talk to the plugin. Go to the plugin setup page and try the "Test Connection" button.


            Also, create a user in Blue Iris just for the plugin with a password. Use this user/password in BI plugin setup. As written above then try the connection.


              Ok, but the issue with me is I am not understanding how to setup and enable the Blue Iris profiles -- Active, Inactive, Profile 0 or 1, Temp Time, Until triggered ?

              even after reading the help file idea what this means.

              Click image for larger version

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                Here is an example. Imagine I have four profiles. Daytime, NightIme, Storm, Burgular.

                My PTZ camera has 7 positions on a Tour, all day long it makes the same 7 stops.

                at night, Homeseer can change BI profile to Nighttime. In PTZ setup, Nighttime profile has just 3 positions on Tour.

                All night long the PTZ camera makes the same 3 stops over and over.

                Now, when high wind or falling rain happens HS sets profile Storm, and in the PTZ setup has a different set of stops to tour, during a storm.

                So you basically name the profiles according to what they represent, like in Burgular profile all cameras record. The link here is in the feature setup of Blue Iris.

                In PTZ setup I can enable certain presets for each Profile
                In Record setup different parameters can be set based on the current Profile.

                You'll see all throughout camera setup and system settings where you can select which profile is active.

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