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HSPI_BI.ini Encryption?

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    HSPI_BI.ini Encryption?

    I've been using BI & HS3 for about 1.5 years - it's a fantastic combination!

    I have a need to be able to change the BI password through HSTouch screens. Obviously the password in BI itself needs to be changed manually also.

    Viewing UI3 or individual screens in HSTouch is no problem, but the PI needs the updated password if you need to use motion to trigger an event.

    The problem is changing the password in the HSPI_BI.ini file. I want to do this via script, not through the PI, but the password in the .ini file is encrypted.

    Does anyone know a way around this?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    If memory serves me right it’s just a base64 encoded version of the password. Nothing too complex, just a bit of simple obfuscation. Try an online base64 decoder of the encrypted version to confirm.
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      Your memory serves you perfectly. Thank you!