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Cannot Log Into BI

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    Cannot Log Into BI

    Not sure why, but the HS3 plugin for BI stopped logging into my BI machine recently. I can ping the BI machine from the HS3 machine. Looking at the BI user, it is an Admin and LAN only is checked. The log file's error says:

    "Error logging in to the BI server to obtain a session ID. Have you limited IP access in the BI WEb Server settings page?"


    "Could not connect to the BI server - Failed login attempt: LAN access only."

    The HS3 machine is on the LAN network, while the BI machine is on the LAN network. I have rules which allow connections between these two IP's, and the machines can ping each other. I also tried turning off the firewall on the HS3 PC. Any pointers appreciated.

    jzimmer238 had the answer in an earlier post:

    "I read that people were having troubles sending commands to BI and it was caused by having 'Use secure session keys and login page' checked. This is located under BI settings, Web Server tab, Advanced button."

    But am not happy decreasing security so that a door sensor can trigger a cloned camera to send an snapshot via email. So I went back to BI and re-checked that secure session box, went to HS3, and tested the connection, and it still worked. So I am not sure what the fix was, other than to uncheck and recheck that box in the BI settings.