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Recommended mini or Small Form Factor PC for Blue Iris

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  • psmaaswinkel
    For the last 4 years I am using the following configuration:

    Mac Mini (mid 2011) i5 -16GB ram - 2x 128Gb SSD
    With a FireWire to Ethernet I have added a second fysical NIC.

    Within OSX I use parallels to host my three VM's:
    - Sophos UTM Firewall
    - Homeseer 3 server
    - Blue iris server

    Also I use OSX for ITunes sharing and the Plex media server.

    With 8 ip camera's in blue iris and the other servers, I have an normal CPU load of about 20%, and a power consumption of around 38 Watts.

    It is not the cheapest option, but it is working well for me the last 4 years. It is import to get a mac mini which is not the latest model to be able to perform upgrades yourself.

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  • beerygaz
    If you intend to do anything more than just record, then buy as much CPU horsepower as you can afford. Motion detection in BI is well implemented and highly flexible but needs plenty of CPU. I have 8 IP cameras with m/d enabled and I'm running at 80% utilization of a dual-CPU Xeon server (that's 8 cores).

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  • jrfuda
    started a topic Recommended mini or Small Form Factor PC for Blue Iris

    Recommended mini or Small Form Factor PC for Blue Iris

    Any recommendation for a power sipping mini PC for Blue Iris with 8-10 IP cameras? I see lots of options with atom processors for cheap, but the Blue Iris website recommends an i7... I have quantum byte I use for Logitech Media Server and a Lenovo Q190 I use for Plex (one stream at a time) and both work fine for those purposes but assume they'd be way underpowered for Blue Iris. I found this on eBay . Think that would be OK or do I need to look at actual full desktops? What about some of the premade NVRs instead of a PC + Blue Iris?