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Not a huge amount of success at all with this plugin

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    Not a huge amount of success at all with this plugin

    I bought this plugin to ideally use with multiple cameras (7) i had issues with too much processor being taken up on each stream, however using snapshot mode has reduced CPU consumption hugely.

    now my biggest issue is that it sees faces everywhere. for example in the grass in the attached picture. the only thing thing we are exposed to is the eigen threshold but it has no bearing on this at all.

    this is the biggest issue, the next issue is that i have 40 training pictures for me with a range of facial expressions and fewer maybe 6 or 7 for other members of the family. however this rarely recognises me of the rest of the family. all i get is the face detected but classified as unknown. now for the rest of the family i could understand but for me it rarely recognises it as me and i have moved the eigen threshold both up and down to little effect.
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    FYI, I have just published a new version (available in the updater) which should greatly improve the detection part.