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Unable to run Training manager in facial recognition plugin

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  • Unable to run Training manager in facial recognition plugin

    I am able to get a snapshot from the network camera and added the .jpg at the end and ticked the snapshot box but the training manager will not run. I can get an image in a browser
    I have been working on this for 10 days. The training manager will not run. I was able to go to the homeseer machine itself and click on a file in the HS3 directory that loaded
    the training manager but the space where an image should be was just blank or all white just like a previous user has shown.
    I have no idea what is wrong with this program and Hs3 support didnt help either. I have tried two machines and two browsers. Does anyone know how to run this program please?

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    The training manager is a desktop program that runs on the HS3 machine, so if you don't have a screen connected to your HS3 machine you won't see it.
    Do you access the homeseer web interface from a browser running on the HS3 machine itself?


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      Even if you press the button and look on your HS3 machine the training manager wont run unless you open up a command prompt and run it yourself. Then even if you
      are able to capture some pictures, there is no red box and it never recognizes your face