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Training Data Manager not displaying images

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    Training Data Manager not displaying images

    I have setup the app to work off of a network camera. I believe that this is working in that it connects, and the number of face detected goes to 1 when I am in the frame. When I launch the training data manager I just get a Grey screen with an Add image button, dropdown for name, and the Delete and Add buttons.

    There is no video or no images displayed to choose from.

    The only thing odd about my homeseer installation is my homeseer directory is in c:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3

    not sure if this would make a difference or not.

    I am very interested in this plugin, if I can get it working.

    Thank You


    what does your url look like? if you paste it in a browser do you see your network camera feed

    you can try to launch the training data manager manually:
    - open a cmd prompt
    - cd to your HS3 directory
    - start TrainingDataManager.exe with your url and snapshot_mode as parameters:
    TrainingDataManager.exe video_source_type=stream stream_url=<your_stream_url> stream_snapshot_mode=<true or false>
    Click image for larger version

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      Turns out the issue was due to & or = in the URL string (which is common for many cameras)..

      I wrote a proxy script though my apache server so that


      would proxy to my more complicated url:

      and it worked... it would be great if the URL was passed though a configuration file that than on the command line.