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Training Data Manager on Remote PC

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    Training Data Manager on Remote PC

    I'm struggling to use the Training Data Manager when I connect to the PC it's running on via Remote Desktop. The camera image only refreshes every 15-30 seconds and it pretty much locks up the moment it starts making it nigh on impossible to get it to add any pics.

    Is there any way to run the TDM on another PC?

    ok so it seems you can but there might be more elegant ways of doing it.

    I temporarily shared up the HS3 folder and ran the TDM app from the command line using the Network location of the file

    \\NAS\HomeSeerHS3\TrainingDataManager.exe video_source_type=stream stream_url=<your_stream_url> stream_snapshot_mode=<true or false>

    it then saved the images to the following location
    C:\Users\<user profile>\Data\FaceRecognition\faces\Name

    from there I copied those files back across to the data folder under the Homeseer installation.

    I had no problems with the camera displaying this way, though I did have to wait aprox 20 seconds each time I clicked the add button, it would take a fraction of a second to add the image and then seemed to hang (not CPU bound). Still a much better experience than I was having when trying to do it via remote PC.