I got a problem with the face recognition part. It very often recognizes my neck and also sometimes my forehead as a face, causing the face counter to set the wrong number of faces.

Also, another question. Wouldn't it be possible to identify faces directly from the IDs that the plug-in creates?

If I sit alone in front of the camera, the log looks something like this:

Wouldn't it be possible to assign all the unknown IDs to me at once?

Anyhow, thanks for a great plug-in! For now, I live by myself and I've programmed the whole automation around that different rooms activates, and at the same time deactivate the other rooms. For this I use motion sensors and for now, that's enough, but when I think of the future and maybe there's also someone for me, I want to adapt this and there's where this plug-in comes in handy. I hope you never stop developing this plug-in