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I'm surprised there isn't more interest here

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  • I'm surprised there isn't more interest here

    So here's my thing. Until a computer can recognize you and speak to you in a normal tone of voice, even in a crowded room like a person does, the interaction will be forced. We all feel it when we dabble in VR or biometrics. Did that computer just sniff my butt? Some feel it more than others. I could probably have a money-making website just by posting my wife's exchanges with the Echo, and the Alexa app serves them up nicely.

    The Echo, Siri, and OK Google have moved us a step function forward on the voice recognition path. Facial and body recognition must and will be next. Sure someone could hold up a picture of me or play a recording of my voice. That wouldn't fool a human - because we integrate many small clues into our fuzzy logic. One day HomeSeer recognizes my face, my height, my voice, and the fact that I am carrying Mike's keys and Mike's car just pulled into the driveway - and unlocks the front door. Hmm - a frequency on the dog's tail wags could tell HomeSeer if a resident or a visitor is at the door - note for later use. Integration with true bio systems! Anyone that spoofs that combination of checks to open a door wanted it badly and you can't plan around fanatics.

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    The face recognition plugin already works very well, and the Kinect plugin is very good at detecting gestures. If you buy a higher quality voice (I did), then it is very realistic, and my Echo's all have a little hand held mic that I can use in noisy situation.

    What you desire, is already happening, and it works well.


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      Facial recognition needs that breakthrough product like the Echo. Working well is one thing. Getting people to pay attention and want to use it is another.


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        Well, I am interested in the plugin, however Windows only and this is a blocker.


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          I am as well but I'd need it to run on a ZEE or SEL so no PC is required.


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            Same boat. Need a version that would run on a ZEE S2 or SEL and I would use it.


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              linux here as well, plus I only put cameras outside
              HS3 SEL running Pro Edition on Ubuntu 18.04, mono 5.20, 656 devices, 209 events.
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