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Use recorded video for training

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  • Use recorded video for training

    Is there a way to use previously recorded videos to train the system?
    Or is live video the only way??

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    I am not sure of what the overall process is with this plugin.
    Am I supposed to be at the console watching live feed and manually capturing the data necessary to ID faces?

    This is more like what I was looking for:

    On the fly capture. Live or recorded. Then I can go over all faces captured and ID/classify them. Plus add faces from other sources.
    Of course, one database for all cameras.


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      It was easy to export clips from Blue Iris.
      Placing those MP4s in the BI www folder make them available to the plugin and I can start building a face database.
      It still thinks the palm tree is a person. Perhaps we could have a "not a face" folder to make the plugin ignore those.
      Computer usage spikes to 80-90% while the "Manage training data" program is running, but not much impact while the plugin is actually running.