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Send Camera image via Email Raspberry Pi

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    Send Camera image via Email Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys,
    trying to send a captured image from the only camera i have maged to get going.
    but I cannot locate the image to attach to an Email.
    The attached image are the folder options I get, Im running HS3 on a Pi

    Any help greatly appreciated
    Attached Files

    Here do not utilize NetCam with Homeseer 3. I did use it with Homeseer 2 and looked at an archive to see where the netcam pictures were and found them at:

    C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html\netcam

    Guessing for your RPi running HS3 / Netcam they would be at:

    - Pete

    Auto mator
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    HS4 Lite -

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      Many many thanks i will give that a go cheers


        Is there any way to get the specific filename in the event or script, once NetCam->"Take a Picture" action is called? Looks like each image is unique like "Front(2021-01-12at19-32-35-401).jpg"