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    Has anyone had experience setting up NetCam with WYZE cameras? If so, can you tell us what parameters you used successfully. Many Thanks.

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    I have 4 of the Wyze cameras, they work great and are a excellent value for the money. Unfortunately these are not IP cameras, however if you don't mind experimenting, they do allow you to load in a RTSP firmware.

    As a test, I installed the Wyze RTSP firmware on the cameras and then linked them into ZoneMinder. This gave me a way to expose them to HomeSeer and the NetCam plugin. The cameras work great with the RTSP firmware and you can still use the Wyze camera app.

    There are a few links on the HomeSeer site about these cameras... this is a link to a a Wyze cam forum detailing the RTSP firmware setup, see

    Billy Draper


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      Thanks for your helpful comments. I was hoping to avoid the special track of RTSP firmware with the Wyze cameras (I have 8 around the home and outside). Otherwise I could launch straight into the Synology camera server system. I'll explore the link you suggest into the Wyze forums. Yes, I agree, the Wyze cameras are great. I also use them in the observatory on our property and feel that they give me extra security protection with the detection of motion from people. It would be great to be able to have that motion trigger Homeseer events without needing to go through the heavy and encumbered IFTTT link. Perhaps I can link the Alexa awareness directly back to Homeseer?
      Again, thanks for the help,


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        I ordered a cheapo Android phone to stick in the basement. The TinyCam Pro app supports the Wyze cameras. I've tried it on my phone as well as a FireTV and it works well. Planning on using it strictly for that in my basement to feed my four Wyze Cams to Blue Iris and the netcam plugin.


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          just finished up experimenting with 2 of the cam version2. There is a newer version of the RTSP firmware and the only one you can get. They only keep the current one on their website. They state it is not going to be developed as much as the regular firmware. Some of the newer features make it difficult to run the RTSP therefore 2 sets of firmware. I tried running this with Contacam and was somewhat successful. There are times when it will freeze so your mileage may vary. However it is a memory hog and uses about 3 gigs of computer memory. But it will work. Also you have to port forward 554 otherwise it wont run and if you run more than one camera you need to change the external port of each additional cameras other than 554 and keep the internal port at 554.