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    Jidetech Camera?

    Has anyone already incorporated a 20x 5MP PTZ POE camera into HomeSeer or as a weathercam? It's made by Jidetech and it is startling to see its power. I've bought a copy of Blue Iris but have not gotten up to speed - want to avoid dead ends and reinventing the wheel. Suggestions from those with experience and know-how appreciated.

    Here's two photos that exemplify the zoom - being optical, resolution is really good, and one of what the night vision is like. My Nikon rangefinder puts the wall in the distance of the nightshot at 46 yards.


      As you can see, it has been a few months. I've on occasion searched through all of the documentation I can find on both HS3 and HS4 (ha ha) on setting up a camera with Homeseer and there really is not a comprehensive guide that I can find. The camera I enjoy (not through HS3/HS4), has numerous settings. I'd be grateful for anyone pointing me to documents on how to choose the configuration options for a PTZ hardwired camera on my home network with a known IP address. I'm attaching a few images of the configuration options which this camera has plenty of. Has anyone got a URL to instructions for this kind of camera? I can't imagine that I actually have to define instructions for each axis of the PTZ function, for example. I would really like to have the value-added functions of the camera's output going through events defined in HS4. Can anyone offer advice, suggestions, or point me towards a HOW-TO? Click image for larger version

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