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List of IP cameras that actually work?

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  • List of IP cameras that actually work?

    I'm in the market for an IP camera or 2 that I want to integrate with HS2. Ideally POE powered. I can easily run CAT5 to the locations where i want to mount the cameras.

    One would be a simple fixed camera that looks out over the driveway.

    The other one I'd like is an entry door with a pushbutton and 2-way audio.

    I've done searches on the internet and on the forums but there are just too many choices and it's very hard to tell if any of these work and how hard they are to setup.

    Please post here and I'll create a new category on the wiki to keep a list of what works/doesn't.


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    I have three Panasonic cameras, all different. (I was experimenting to see which I like best.) I had no trouble setting up any of them. One is a relatively inexpensive BL-C10, another is KX-HCM280 that offers 20X zoom, and the third is a higher resolution HCM515. (All have pan and tilt capability, but the HCM280 has much greater range.)

    I agree that the C10 is grainy, but the others have very good image quality. I've found that all of them are useful. The C10 has limited utility, but I have it monitoring the garage, which it does fine. The other two are more than adequate for any of my needs.

    They've been running continuously for nearly a year, and I have had no problems. I would recommend them highly.
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      I have two Airlink101 Wireless (or wired) cameras. Unfortunately they don't do Power over IP but they were a breeze to set up, give a great image, so two thumbs up! I also have a dlink that can pan and tilt and zoom but the photo is too small to be useful.


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        Trendnet TV-IP110W

        I can now add the Trendnet TV-IP110W to the list of working wireless webcams. The picture is great and it works fine with NetCam using the URL of http://ID:PW@192.168.XX.XX/cgi/jpg/image.cgi


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          I know the d-Link DCS900 is mentioned somewhere already, but I'd like to add the DCS-920 to the list. This is a wireless IP model and works flawlessly with the plugin. Supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption. Streams Java and ActiveX as well as still images on request. Contains a built in FTP server as well as Email support. Multiple passworded user accounts are optional. Dynamic DNS. Selectable image size. uPNP. Zoom. Under $100.
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            HOw did you make your DCS-920 work with this plugin, ive got one and i can't make it work.

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              What's the trouble Raptor? I'll see if I can help.

              I assume you can access the camera using it's own page.
              - Turn off user control, at least until you have things working.
              - Add the camera to NetCam PI as ""
              - If it's an issue with access outside your local LAN, you need to open the ports in the router.
              - So long as you're not running HS as a service you should be good.
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                I might as well add these:
                both wireless cameras work in netcam

                Linksys Wvc54gca

                Trendnet Tv-Ip201w



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                  I can let you know that the Vivotek 2403 IP Server works too.
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                    Thought I'd add my camera to the list. Stills/jpg show up ok in Netcam. Of course there is the known problem with the "take picture now" button not updating the display page. And of course these are just jpgs in netcam, no motion/MJPEG, PTZ, or audio control.

                    The actual manufacturer is Fitivision, model number ICS130A. Sold under the brand names of:
                    Airlink101 747 (or 747W for wireless version)
                    Trendnet tv-ip422

                    The Airlink version can often be found at Frys and other places for $150US or less.

                    FYI, someone figured out the HTTP commands for this camera at the link below. Be warned the Airlink version has firmware issues regarding the MJPEG and audio streams. They are not industry standard and Airlink does not seem interested in fixing it. This causes problems in Webcam XP and Zoneminder.



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                      I have the Pixord 1401 video server working well with Netcam in MJPEG mode. The link is


                      Incidentally for those using the HStouch plugin, I have the same link set as 'is video?' to Yes and it gives me live stream very effectively.



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                        eBay IPCAM

                        I bought one of these things on eBay and had struggled to get HS to recognize it as a NETCAM device. I finally got it and wanted to share:

                        Advertised on eBay as: Security Remote Wireless IP WiFi SPY Audio Camera Cam. Documentation is of little help on this topic, and there are no pointers for support.

                        NETCAM device, try: http://acntw@192.168.x.xxppp/snapshot.cgi

                        I now have this and a Linksys 54CGA both working.


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                          Vivotek IP 7330 with POE works

                          I ended up buying a Vivotek IP7330 netcam and wiring it via CAT5 to my router with Power-over-Ethernet.
                          The camera is a bullet type camera with IR illuminators and is very sturdy with excellent wiring and mounting options.
                          I have it looking down on my driveway.

                          It serves it's own web page with lots of controls and stuff.
                          I set it to a fixed IP address just to make it easier to get to.

                          I used the dynamic DNS service vivotek provides for free at so now I always have access to the camera (and HS) at an easy to remember URL. Had to configure my router to forward the proper ports to the cam but again, pretty easy to do.

                          The NetCam plugin in HS was pretty easy to setup.
                          Just use:
                          to get a current image.

                          It has contact switch out when it detects movement which I'd like to be able to connect to HS. I'll have to get another garage door sensor and wire it up!

                          The netcam plugin allows easy to setup events which will capture images or a series of images when an event triggers (like the garage door opening or a motion sensor firing).

                          My only disappointment is that the camera could have a somewhat wider field of view.
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                            I've got some Acti cameras - ACM 1231 and TCM 1231 that work fine with the plugin:



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                              Vivotek netcam died - back in the market for multi-camera solution

                              Well unfortunately I'm back in the market for a camera.
                              I liked the Vivotek but it has apparently fried (no idea why and I haven't climbed up to remove it yet).
                              The colors were off (grass was redish) and the field of view was a bit too narrow so couldn't see enough of my driveway and I want more cameras so I won't buy the same camera again.

                              I'm thinking of getting one of those 4 camera DVR bundles from BJs or Lowes.
                              When you want more than 1 camera, its cheaper to go with simple cameras and have a DVR to process and store the video.

                              Anyone have any experience with these? Are they crap or will they last?
                              BJs has several models that all look similar but are $279 to $499 with relatively little real information on what the systems will do.