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List of IP cameras that actually work?

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    Originally posted by Ericryherd View Post
    Anyone have any experience with these? Are they crap or will they last?
    BJs has several models that all look similar but are $279 to $499 with relatively little real information on what the systems will do.
    These systems tend to come with narrow FOV cameras as well but spend a bit more and you can get some pretty good systems though.


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      Originally posted by Uncle Michael View Post
      I have three Panasonic cameras, all different. (I was experimenting to see which I like best.) I had no trouble setting up any of them. One is a relatively inexpensive BL-C10, another is KX-HCM280 that offers 20X zoom, and the third is a higher resolution HCM515. (All have pan and tilt capability, but the HCM280 has much greater range.)

      I agree that the C10 is grainy, but the others have very good image quality. I've found that all of them are useful. The C10 has limited utility, but I have it monitoring the garage, which it does fine. The other two are more than adequate for any of my needs.

      They've been running continuously for nearly a year, and I have had no problems. I would recommend them highly.
      Would anyone be able to help me out with setting up my panasonic bb-hcm331 with homeseer and the ultranetcam plugin?
      I've been on with it for ages and just get time out errors from the plugin.
      I can see a single image in a browser using the url


      and have this added to the plugin.
      When I refresh the camera in the plugin I get

      Snapshot from NetCam001 [shop] failed: The operation has timed out

      in the event log.