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Dlink DSC-933L URL

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    Dlink DSC-933L URL

    Does anyone know the URL for a Dlink DSC-933L? I've tried those on ispy with no luck. I'm a newb at this, so maybe I'm doing something wrong as well. Basically installed the plugin, entered the URL, saved and when clicking on the device all I get is the box with a red x. I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks.

    A Google search turned up this thread as the first thread. See if any of these will work.


      Hi Rupp, thank for the quick reply.

      I tried those, all 19 with a "933" anywhere in the camera name. No luck. I entered the LAN IP, no port #, saved then went to NetCam plugin>NetCam View. Same box. Even double-checked - entered the LAN IP directly and accessed the camera setup page after entering username/password. Am I missing something? Thanks again.


        Dlink DSC-933L URL

        What name did you give the camera in the NetCam plugin configuration. If the name has a space in it, it won't work!

        Steve Q

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          Hi SteveQ -

          CHecked the name - it was jsut the default DCS-933L. I changed and removed the hyphen, still nothing. In the device status, it's always showing "off", and nothing in the NetCam view tab.


            So, success, sort of. I used http://userassword@ip.of.cameraort/images/jpeg.cgi and I am able to get a still snapshot plus the "take a picture" function works. Thanks!

            I can't seem to get video to play under the "NetCam View" - also not sure I ever will, don't know if that's possible. So, I'm off to now import to HS Touch. I know I've seen some postings about how to get video stream in HS Touch rather than a snapshot. If anyone knows that this isn't possible (to get video in HS3 under NetCam View, or in HS Touch, please let me know!) Also, not sure if this was pasrt of the solution, but when logging in to the camera directly in a browser - iport, not through, on the maintenance page their is a server setting called "Snapshot URL Authentication" and below it there was a URL, the one that finally worked. The button was already enabled, I just copy/pasted the url.

            Hope this helps someone else. Really appreciate everyone's help!


              Dlink 933L Camera.

              Maybe you can repost the url you got to work for the 933L. Some if it is obscured by emojis

              This url work fine for me in my browser but I can't get any video in NETCAM



                I just installed a DCS-930L, and found for a jpeg still this worked: