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HSTouch doesnt recognize Pan & Tilt

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  • HSTouch doesnt recognize Pan & Tilt

    I just setup a Foscam F18918W camera and when I turned on my WFTT07-2 Control Pad and clicked on the camera tab it immediately started streaming the video. However the Pan & Tilt buttons are disabled and it says these controls only work with a pan/tilt camera which this is. I can operate it just fine in the Foscam app. I read in one of the posts somewhere where Mark (pretty sure it was him) said HSTouch automatically finds the cameras which it did. Why doesn't it recognize the pan/tilt aspect? Do I need to do something else?

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    I think I found the answer. If I add the default login and pwd to the section in the HSTouch plugin for the camera it seems to fix the Pan / Tilt. However the buttons still appear as if they are disabled. I think it is just the way the screen was designed.