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AXIS + netcam

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    AXIS + netcam

    Is there anyone who knows the way to access an AXIS M1031-W with the Netcam plugin ?

    You need to know the image stream for the camera. For my M1031-W it is


    Replace username and password with what you use to access the camera. Username is root by default I think.

    The IP address is locally assigned by your router unless you have set up the Axis to use a Dynamic DNS Service to ensure the IP address doesn't change.

    Once you've got that, go into Netcam and copy in the full html link in "Camera URL:". This is the HS3 section. Enter whatever name and click on Add Camera. You then need to click on "Create HS Device" which adds it as a device. Now you can use it in an event to take a picture. The picture will be stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\html\netcam.

    Hope that helps if you haven't already solved it...very nice camera. I've used mine for a few years with HS2, just trying it with HS3 now.