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how to connect security camera dvr system to homeseer?

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  • how to connect security camera dvr system to homeseer?

    I have an independent security camera system all tied into a dvr that is connected to my home network , any easy way to get that video output into homeseer so i can see all my devices and cameras on homeseer remotely?

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    I Integrate Mine with Blue Iris

    Don't know what DVR/camera system you use.

    I have all my IP cams going to a dedicated PC with Blue Iris.
    I have the Blue Iris plugin on my HS3 PC and trigger recording from within HS3.
    I monitor it all with the Blue Iris iPhone and iPad App.
    Alerts and Notification can be sent from both BI and HS3.

    Motion triggering from HSTs HSM200 much better than either BI or the individual camss motion detection.
    I can trigger recordings and image alerts by door sensors and door lock changes, not just motion, also by the change in status of any HS3 device.


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      I've wondered the same thing.
      I have a Swan DVR which uses proprietary software for viewing.

      In the past I've used an IPVideo 9100a and split the camera video off to the 9100a. I'm just getting my HS3 setup so I haven't got to the camera piece yet but it is something I want to do.

      Let me know if you come up with something.


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        Thinking of purchasing HIKVISION IP 3mp cameras and just wondering which standalone NDVR would you recommend to directly connect to Homeseer controller with easy to install plugin ?


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          I have HikVision cameras around my house. Use a HikVision NVR. It's plug n play and will work with your HS setup.


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            Originally posted by wposner View Post
            I have HikVision cameras around my house. Use a HikVision NVR. It's plug n play and will work with your HS setup.
            Are these ip cameras?

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              I've had good experience with HikVision installation. They sell very reasonably priced DVR with 8 POE ports and it's pretty much plug and play if you let the DVR manage its own network.

              I also use Mobotix cameras. While they're priced higher, they have loads of sensors and functionalities in it that can be used for home automation:
              - Insane motion detection flexibility
              - Video analytics (analyze direction of object motion, generate heatmap)
              - Light sensor
              - thermometer
              - sound detection
              - SIP client AND server
              - the camera has event logic and can send IP commands to HomeSeer based on the sensor triggers)
              - (optional, USB to serial, signal I/O)
              - contacts for door control, lights, etc
              - some models have PIR sensor
              - the Q24/25 model is hemispheric (360), it can most likely replace the function of 2 or more cameras
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                Originally posted by TomTom View Post
                Are these ip cameras?

                Yep...All IP dome 3MP cameras using the POE capabilities from the HikVision NVR.


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                  This is an old thread, but I am wondering the same thing. The thread started with "Can you connect a standalone DVR/NVR system to Homeseer?". I never saw a clear answer; does anyone know? I understand the Blue Iris route, but I already have a nice NVSM 7000 with 8 POE cameras on it and would rather not start over.
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