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[NetCAM] Take snapshot from camera with name xxxx_latest.jpg

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  • [NetCAM] Take snapshot from camera with name xxxx_latest.jpg

    I just upgraded from HS2 to HS3 and noticed that there is no longer a camxx_latest.jpg file when taking a snapshot using the NetCAM plugin.

    I just used this filename in my events to send this images by mail. Can this option be restored?

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    It's just called CurrentImage.jpg now.

    I use it the same way. (I only use one cam.)



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      And there is my issue. I use multiple cams so i would expect multiple current images also based on the camera name


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        Im also interested in a feature like that..


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          If fixed this to run an 'immediate' script in the event, to grab an actual picture from the camera and store it as the camera name.
          In case of a Foscam camera you can use:

          &hs.GetURLImage("http://<cam-ip>:<cam-port>","/snapshot.cgi?user=<cam-user>&pwd=<cam-pwd>", TRUE, 80, "/html/netcam/frontcam.jpg")


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            Thats great!

            Didnt know about that feature. This makes the plugin a bit redundant, I can just keep using that script in stead.


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              I can not get this URL to work anyone have any ideas?

              &hs.GetURLImage ("","/Streaming/Channels/1/picture?user=XXXX&pwd=XXXXX",True,8192,"/html/images/FrontDoor.jpg")

              This works in my browser to display the camera image

              I have tried with the port number right after the IP but the info I have seen shows the port number is after the true on not like the previous poster showed. I tried it both ways along with more but haven't seem to find the right combo.

              Any ideas?



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                I use a simple script which take a snapshot for 4 cams, put it in a directory with the camera name and date and time, and then duplicate these files into a xxx_lastest.jpg file
                Here is a sample of the script if it can help :

                Dim formatdate As String = "yyyy-MM-dd"
                Dim formatheure As String = "HH-mm-ss"
                ddate = time.ToString(formatdate) & " at " & time.ToString(formatheure)
                hs.GetURLImage("http://" & IPCAMGarage,"/snapshot.cgi?user=" & user & "&pwd=" & password, TRUE, 80, "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Visiteurs\" & ddate & " Garage.jpg") 
                If File.Exists( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg" ) = True Then
                    File.Delete( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg" )
                    If debug then hs.writelog (LogName, "Fichier Garage_Latest effacé")
                End If
                File.Copy ("C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/Data/Visiteurs/" & ddate & " Garage.jpg", "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg", True)
                hs.GetURLImage("http://" & IPCAMTouran,"/IMAGE.JPG", TRUE, 80, "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Visiteurs\" & ddate & " Elro.jpg") 
                If File.Exists( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg" ) = True Then
                    File.Delete( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg" )
                    If debug then hs.writelog (LogName, "Fichier Elro_Latest effacé")
                End If
                File.Copy ("C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/Data/Visiteurs/" & ddate & " Elro.jpg", "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg", True)


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                  was this ever officially fixed?
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