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[NetCAM] Take snapshot from camera with name xxxx_latest.jpg

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    [NetCAM] Take snapshot from camera with name xxxx_latest.jpg

    I just upgraded from HS2 to HS3 and noticed that there is no longer a camxx_latest.jpg file when taking a snapshot using the NetCAM plugin.

    I just used this filename in my events to send this images by mail. Can this option be restored?

    It's just called CurrentImage.jpg now.

    I use it the same way. (I only use one cam.)



      And there is my issue. I use multiple cams so i would expect multiple current images also based on the camera name


        Im also interested in a feature like that..


          If fixed this to run an 'immediate' script in the event, to grab an actual picture from the camera and store it as the camera name.
          In case of a Foscam camera you can use:

          &hs.GetURLImage("http://<cam-ip>:<cam-port>","/snapshot.cgi?user=<cam-user>&pwd=<cam-pwd>", TRUE, 80, "/html/netcam/frontcam.jpg")


            Thats great!

            Didnt know about that feature. This makes the plugin a bit redundant, I can just keep using that script in stead.


              I can not get this URL to work anyone have any ideas?

              &hs.GetURLImage ("","/Streaming/Channels/1/picture?user=XXXX&pwd=XXXXX",True,8192,"/html/images/FrontDoor.jpg")

              This works in my browser to display the camera image

              I have tried with the port number right after the IP but the info I have seen shows the port number is after the true on not like the previous poster showed. I tried it both ways along with more but haven't seem to find the right combo.

              Any ideas?



                I use a simple script which take a snapshot for 4 cams, put it in a directory with the camera name and date and time, and then duplicate these files into a xxx_lastest.jpg file
                Here is a sample of the script if it can help :

                Dim formatdate As String = "yyyy-MM-dd"
                Dim formatheure As String = "HH-mm-ss"
                ddate = time.ToString(formatdate) & " at " & time.ToString(formatheure)
                hs.GetURLImage("http://" & IPCAMGarage,"/snapshot.cgi?user=" & user & "&pwd=" & password, TRUE, 80, "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Visiteurs\" & ddate & " Garage.jpg") 
                If File.Exists( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg" ) = True Then
                    File.Delete( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg" )
                    If debug then hs.writelog (LogName, "Fichier Garage_Latest effacé")
                End If
                File.Copy ("C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/Data/Visiteurs/" & ddate & " Garage.jpg", "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Garage_Latest.jpg", True)
                hs.GetURLImage("http://" & IPCAMTouran,"/IMAGE.JPG", TRUE, 80, "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS3\Data\Visiteurs\" & ddate & " Elro.jpg") 
                If File.Exists( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg" ) = True Then
                    File.Delete( "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg" )
                    If debug then hs.writelog (LogName, "Fichier Elro_Latest effacé")
                End If
                File.Copy ("C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/Data/Visiteurs/" & ddate & " Elro.jpg", "C:/Program Files/HomeSeer HS3/html/netcam/Elro_Latest.jpg", True)


                  was this ever officially fixed?
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