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DLink DCS-5010L working w snapshots - PTZ controls still needs help

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  • DLink DCS-5010L working w snapshots - PTZ controls still needs help

    I finally managed to get my DLink DCS-5010L cam working with HS3 and HSTouch. The camera worked with the UltraNetCam plugin that utilizes separate config entries for username and passwords, but no luck with NetCam.

    I tried this setting on the cameras web configuration page: Snapshot URL Authentication. Once I disabled it I was able to see the snaps in the plugin's viewer and HSTouch. I was able to use a username and password with UltraNetCam but could not find the correct syntax to embed user/pass for NetCam into the URL.

    I have yet to sort out the PTZ controls with HSTouch. If anyone can help with that I'd appreciate it.

    Here's the working bits:
    Try to use a static address on the DLink setup page.
    Set Snapshot URL Authentication to disable
    Change the IP above to your cameras IP

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    This link might help:



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      Originally posted by mk1 black limited View Post
      This link might help:

      Thank you very much. Played with it most of the day but came away with pan and tilt in HSTouch. I now see that the stock HSTouch app could use a few extra buttons like Home, Scan and Zoom, but this is a good start.

      As usual the trick was in the syntax admin colon password@IP

      So if the password is blank the string for Pan and Tilt would be:

      There are 4 start commands and 4 stop commands under the HSTouch plugin. I set it up using only Start commands and the snapshot command. The above string sends a pulse of 10 steps which can be edited as desired.