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Planning new IP(PoE) Exterior Remotely Monitored Camera System-Help Requested

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  • Pete
    Here upgrading my old Optex cams to IP HD. This are combination PIR / cams with a nice footprint.

    You cannot tell that they are cameras as they look like PIRs from about 10 feet away.

    Had all of the first story cams mounted on brick and second story cams mounted under the eaves.

    Front door view below is one of three cam pictures of the front door (top, back and side views).

    Originally DIY'd my HD IP dome cameras purchasing HD IP Grandstream camera boards / IP 67 domes. Rest of the cams are Grandstream bullet or dome.

    There are also IP HD cams which face the home from the 4 sides. (each camera sees other cameras).
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  • mikedr
    At our two prior homes, I've used Acti cameras, which were PoE, and relatively inexpensive for what they offered (optical zoom, 360, weatherproof, etc.).

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  • Pete
    The camera audio is digital and it becomes part of the network stream.

    I used the 2nd cat XX wires for analog to panel sensors (cameras). BUT catxx inside of the alarm panel is a bit too much with my preference to using 22/4 or 22/2 cables.

    For the GDO's put little documented 8 wire terminal strips next to the GDOs (for door switches and wired control of the GDO)

    Here with a shorter driveway used fore and aft and inside garage IP cameras.

    Lenses were all 28 mm mostly outside. With 5 MP or more you can read the license plates just fine.

    Sensing was a mixture of analog and digital (under the driveway, PIR separate and with some combo cameras (wired separately) plus RF tags on the house vehicles. No wireless utilized except for the RFID stuff. Also used video algorithms for motion but difficult for outside stuff.

    I also prefer to using regular illumination over IR illumination trigger daylight based on motion events after hours. Normal night time lighting was dimmed coaches and LED LV lighting. Normal after hours night time lighting was turning coach lighting on at 100%.

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  • Planning new IP(PoE) Exterior Remotely Monitored Camera System-Help Requested

    I am new to HomeSeer Forums. In final building phase of new home. I have pre-wired for PoE IP Camera System of 8 IP cameras to monitor exterior and general grounds of home. I will have 2 (parallel) runs of CAT6 from Equipment Hub to each IP camera location. I need to hopefully benefit from your experiences. My priorities here are;
    1. reliability
    2. performance
    3. price

    Not sure if I need to be too concerned with camera audio? I will not be able to devote much time to real-time video monitoring but when and if I need to go back to search through pre-recorded video, I don't want to waste a lot of time locating what I need to assess and address problems but also don't want to archive hours and hours of uneventful video. I will have 1 long driveway about 250 to 300 ft long leading up to house where I will have relatively slow moving vehicles whose license plate data I would like to capture, just in case?

    Your suggestions? Thanks in advance for your assistance.