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    I have Dahua IP cameras connected to SS 8.2.3-5828 and ideally I'd like to see each via HS3 Tools>Setup>Cameras (which requires a URL to snapshot and to MJPEG stream). I'm not really sure on the functionality this plugin is providing. I'm only seeing the virtual SS device and the virtual cam device. I don't see a URL to a snapshot (just the snaphot button) or an MJPEG stream. While I can build an event to do something when the camera's motion is detected, I already have that done by the camera itself. Is there something I'm missing? It there a way to see the video from SS from HomeSeerMobile? Or do I need some sort of proxy to provide a snap shot URL and a URL which convert H264 to MJPEG?

    Thanks in advance!

    Take a look at this document from the author:

    This helped, but, I still don't have it working perfectly yet.