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SS Plug-in Not Updating

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  • SS Plug-in Not Updating

    Plug-in is not updating in HS3. I finally figured out the URL ( I think Synology updated something as the SMS input window wouldn't take password and user parameters before url) and cameras are showing connected but aren't. Last Changed field is not changing unless I go to Plug-in screen and click Save again. Then cameras (in log) go from Disconnected to Connected and all looks fine... but really not. The Last Changed stays the same forever. Even changed Polling Int. and Timeout to different numbers hit Save and again Log shows Disconnected to Connected and no further updates.

    Can someone guide me to next troubleshooting step? It appears there's connection from HS3 to SS but no updating (polling).



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    Is there anything in the logs ?
    Can you turn on debug logging and restart the plugin ?


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      Nothing in the logs other than when I push Save in Plug-in Config and cameras go from Disconnected to Connected... w/o errors. Debug logging was on but I hadn't restarted the plug-in. I'll do that.

      Question: Does the SMS configuration side have to work as well? ...for the polling to work? I'm not trying to access events as this point.


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        When debug logging is enabled, a special debug logfile is also created.

        Notification setup is not mandatory for the rest to work

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          So finally found the log file under windows/sysWOW64 directory. HS3 startup says it should be in system32... Anyway the log file is huge. What am I looking for? Seems like a lot of communications going on and no blatant errors. But Last Changed time hasn't changed since I rebooted this morning. Should it be updating Last Changed at the frequency I specify? Thanks,


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            Mmmz, logging shouldn't be in that directory :-/ Are you running the plugin remotely maybe ?

            Can you:
            1. Stop the plugin
            2. Delete the logfile
            3. Start the plugin
            4. Let it run for 30 sec
            5. Stop it again
            6. Send me the logfile ?
            Last changed is not updated if nothing has changed.