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UltraNetCam3 has a memory leak?

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    UltraNetCam3 has a memory leak?

    I recently upgraded my HS3 to the latest beta because it kept experiencing heavy load and became unresponsive forcing me to power cycle it (I couldn't even ssh in to it). There is a whole thread on my experience on the HS3 forum.

    Since upgrading, things are stable again. I've been running for 7 days now however and taking snapshots of memory usage and i'm concerned that Ultranetcam3 may have a memory leak.

    My memory usage has been steadily growing from what started at 371M of memory when i initially started HS3 to 644M today. The only process that has been using more and more memory is Ultranetcam3.exe.

    Any thoughts on what I should do? For now i'm continuing to monitor and let it run but i fully expect that once memory usage reaches 1G the Pi3 will start swapping and become unresponsive.

    on day 0 it was using 8.5% of memory
    on day 2 it was using 12.6%
    on day 4 it was using 17.9%
    on day 6 it was using 22.9%
    on day 7 it is 24.8%

    latest screenshot of htop: