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UltraNetCam3 Plug in issues

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  • UltraNetCam3 Plug in issues

    I have been using this plug in with one camera for sometime with a Foscam C1 camera just taking snapshots. I did some reading and found out that there were other camera functions/properties that were supposed to be exposed to homeseer3 that are not. If I delete the camera device in UNC3 reboot homeseer3 and it rediscovers the camera the other properties are exposed. The problem is, at this point the device is not set with the correct sign on information. When I change the sign on information for the camera in devices, this changes the exposed functions to Snapshot only?
    I have added Foscam PTZ cameras and see the same thing.
    IS there anyone that can give a clue to what is happening here?

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    There is something I am missing when setting up the devices and putting in the model type of camera. When it detects on its own, it comes up as type 1 or 2 camera. Its when I change this setting to JPEG or H.264 that I lose everything but "take a snapshot" from my actions. It says in the documentation to put camera model in type or just JPEG or H.264. Does anyone know if there is a file I may be missing that lets the plugin know what controls and actions each camera has available according to type/model?
    I hope someone has seen this before.
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      Ok I figured it out, the cameras model names are important only some of them will give you all of the PTZ controls.