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Does UltraNetCam integrate with HS3 Touch?

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  • Does UltraNetCam integrate with HS3 Touch?

    i am getting tired of having to rebuild/restart/reinstall Netcam from HS so I am thinking about converting to Jones...
    But we are also running HS3 touch generic. We don't have the touch editor, haven't needed it for what we do/want.

    So my question, is will Jones-Netcam cameras show up on HS3 Touch?

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    If you define your cameras in HS3 configuration page Tools > Setup > Cameras, then they should show up in the default HSTouch Cameras page w/o you having to do any HSTouch editing. No UltraNetCam needed for that. But if you want to be able to have things happen based on the cameras or take snapshots/video based on some event, then you need the plugin. Hope that helps.



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      Yea, we want to be able to take pictures based on motion, why we are looking at Jones. We have a mix of Foscam's, old and new, from 720p to 4K, and the default camera viewer/finder/confit doesn't know what to do all of the different cameras, and I a pretty sure there is a memory leak as it gets flakey after many days of uptime... time to try something that is actively supported, not ignored