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    Well, I'm trying Ultranetcam. Nice plug-in. One thing that I really like about it is that if a camera is unreachable (for example, if it's down), the camera won't cause Ultranetcam to hang. It can continue doing other things (hence, as you stated, it's multithreaded). The Netcam plug-in can cause HomeSeer to stop processing events for 35 seconds or so. Ultranetcam doesn't have this issue.

    I also like how you can define camera types, so you can easily change the settings for many camera of the same type.

    One enhancement/fix that is needed is to the Network Cameras page. I have 15 cameras. In the Network Cameras page, there is no scrollbar. I can only see 10 cameras at a time. The bottom of the page says "Showing 1 to 10 of 15 entries". However, there is no scrollbar. I need to use the Name field to-alphabetize the Name column so I can access the other 5 cameras.


      Another enhancement request: now that the latest HS3 has standardized the device icons (circle icons), would be good if UltraNetCam had similar look & feel as the standard HS3 device status icons.


        Any chance of allowing multiple cameras to be recorded in a particular event?

        For example. I have a driveway sensor and when that is triggered I want 10 photos from the Driveway Camera. This works great when someone is coming into our driveway. If someone is leaving the Driveway then the Driveway is empty by the time I get the alert. In this case it would be useful to have 1 email that contains 10 snaps from the driveway and 10 snaps from another camera (I have one that covers the very end of the driveway). Basically one email with 2x .mp4 files attached.



          I am looking for a way to send an email with latest snapshot from all cameras in one single email. So far I am finding a way to attach ONE snapshot, but would like to be able to get an email with all the last ones when requesting it. This is for use when outside of the home network, for travelling etc.

          Any quick way of doing it? I can't find a way in UltraNetCam3, and I can't make it work in the normal event action either.



            I didn't find an easy way. You can do it with a fairly easy VB script though. I just never got around to writing one.



              Originally posted by madas View Post

              I didn't find an easy way. You can do it with a fairly easy VB script though. I just never got around to writing one.

              Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I am not very adept in VB yet, so was hoping someone had done it already.


                some questions/feature requests


                i am thinking of migrating from netcam to your ultranetcam plugin, so far so good, but still have some requests, or maybe i just dont know howto yet

                i mostly use my cameras (all blueiris), for events such as doorbell, mailbox etc.

                so what i would like todo, record an mp4 for 5 seconds upon doorbell, mail this mp4 and FIRST snapshot. so would like to select a screenshot to mail, but also selct a screenshot which i display in hstouch , so first of 20 snapshots should be the lastimagefrontdoor.png for example.

                also i would love to name the events, know its saved as event 1, 2, 3,

                would be great to have an event called doorbell, or mailbox, or alarmactivated.

                also i use blueiris, and i do have 2 foscams, would it be possible to disable the autocamera discovery?


                Regards Bart
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                  Hello, It would be great if the Event Snapshot drop-down list can show the event dates instead of Event numbers and the capability to sort the list by Event Date.
                  What's the possibility of getting this feature in the plugin?


                    UltraJones, Is it possible to get a single file that captures any of the cameras latest snapshot so that one could write an event or Pushover to send this "Latest Snapshot" file. As it stands now each camera has its own subdirectory with it's camera "Last_snapshot" file which makes kind of hard to pushout a Last_snapshot regardless of which camera triggered. Mike

                    Dumb question is there an option to keep previous snapshots, currently there are two files per camera subdirectory? Mike
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